83: Ming Johanson | Addicted to Outrage – Stop Making Me Angry Facebook!

Ming Johanson works with businesses across the globe from training social media to managing (with her team) complex digital strategies that deliver tangible and desirable financial returns. She is dedicated to shaping the landscape for leaders to adapt their management, sales and marketing culture to fit into the modern-day world of hyper-connectivity. Recently recognized and awarded for her ongoing contribution to the technology industries in the 2019 Women In Technology Tech [+] 20 Awards. Ming is a passionate mental health Ambassador for R U OK? Day, a co-facilitator in Startup Weekend Perth and a regular Australian Media Commentator as a Tech Evangelist on a range of topics in Mental Health, Social Media & Technology.
This week, Nick chats with the one and only Mother of Unicorns – Ming Johanson – about our addiction to outrage and why it seems like everyone is always so angry on social media. Nick and Ming chat about how we are biologically hard-wired to immediately respond to fear, and how social media technology has played a role in putting our Amygdala’s into constant overdrive. Nick and Ming also chat about the incredible opportunities that technology has given humanity and, how having a scarcity mindset has led to the increase in anger online and “outrage porn”. Ming also talks about gratitude and looking at the world with an abundance mindset, and how these are the two most important things to help fight our addiction to outrage (and also get us to Mars).
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