65: Michal Stanislawek | #VoiceLunch and The Power of Community Building

Episode Description

Michal Stanislawek is the Co-Founder of Utter.One, a voice experience agency. Michal also co-founded and helps organize #VoiceLunch – a global initiative to bring the voice technology community closer together. He is also the Head of Product for MediaAtomos which delivers low-latency broadcast-quality live videos across the globe. Michal has almost 20 years of professional experience creating strategies and products for the internet and broadcast video, as well as media asset management and workflow systems. In the early days of his career, he was involved in building developer communities for which he was recognized as an MVP by Microsoft. Recently, his focus has shifted to creating voice experiences and helping marketers develop strategies for the use of Voice in business. The Artificial Podcast returns this week featuring Michael Stanislawek of #VoiceLunch and Utter.One. Michal shares the origin story behind #VoiceLunch and how the simple idea of getting together with a few professionals in the voice tech industry via Zoom evolved into a weekly global event series that now takes place in multiple countries and regions. Michal talks about his passion for AI and voice technology, and why he strongly believes in the concept of community building to help bring other people together with the same passion to share ideas and learn from one another. Nick and Michal also talk about Michal’s work at Utter.One, and how Michal is working to revolutionize how people search for information within internet media by using their voice.

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