41: Kumar Rangarajan & Vinayak Jhunjhunwala | Any App Can Be Voice-First

Episode Description

Kumar Rangarajan is the Co-Founder and the Obsessive Dictator at Slang Labs. Prior to Slang Labs Kumar was the Co-Founder of Little Eye Labs which was acquired by Facebook. His software career spans multiple decades having worked with companies like GE, HP, Rational, S7, and most recently Facebook. Vinayak Jhunjhunwala heads marketing at Slang Labs which is a voice tech company headquartered in Bangalore that focuses on helping businesses add voice inside their mobile and web apps. He has completed extensive user research on the importance of voice for getting the next billion users online. He also blogs about the importance of voice on Medium and has spoken at various events and conferences in the importance of voice for the next one billion people. In this week’s episode of The Artificial Podcast, Nick chats with Kumar Rangarajan and Vinayak Juhnjuhnwala of Slang Labs. Kumar shares how he founded his first company, Little Eye Labs, and ultimately what prompted Little Eye Labs to become acquired by Facebook. Vinayak talks about his journey through the voice-first space, and why he believes Voice is the next frontier in how people will be engaging with technology, specifically apps. Kumar and Vinayak also dive into their current work at Slang Labs and how they are making it possible for any app to leverage the power voice assistant technology. The Artificial Podcast is now on Alexa! All you have to do is ask Alexa to enable “The Artificial Podcast” to listen to all of our episodes on any Alexa-enabled device.

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