18: Stuart Crane | Unlocking The Power of Surveys on Voice-First

Episode Description

Stuart Crane is a software entrepreneur of 30+ years. Stuart began his career building database applications for businesses, and in 1993 co-founded a software company that ultimately became the de facto enterprise system for specialty pharmacies in the U.S. After the company was acquired 20 years later, in 2013, Stuart began working in the area of voice technologies. Stuart is currently the Founder/CEO of Voice Metrics, a company that offers the only survey platform designed specifically for voice, SurveyLine, allowing organizations to build surveys to be taken by voice, on Alexa, Google Home/Assistant, and within iOS and Android mobile apps. In this week’s episode, Nick chats with Stuart Crane from VoiceMetrics.io. Nick and Stuart talk about Stuart’s rise in the Voice-First space, and how Stuart went from building software to developing for Alexa. Stuart talks about one of VoiceMetrics’ signature products, SurveyLine, and how it is poised to change how brands collect survey data from customers and how people take surveys. Nick and Stuart also talk about the future of smart speakers, and the impact that privacy concerns are having on the Voice-First space. What do you want to learn about in the world of AI and Voice-First? Interested in becoming a guest? Send an email to Nick Myers at nick.myers@redfox-ai.com. Follow The Artificial Podcast on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/theartificialpodcast/. How to connect with Stuart: Website: www.stuartcrane.com Email: stuart@stuartcrane.com Twitter: @sdcrane LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stuart-crane-11a2401/ Learn more about SurveyLine: Website: www.surveysbyvoice.com Follow Nick On: LinkedIn:

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