5: Hey, Google. What Are You?

Episode Description

Nick: “Hey, Google. What do you think about Alexa?” Google: “I like Alexa’s cool blue light and we both have an affinity for Star Wars.” Nick: “Well. It’s nice to see that voice assistants can treat one another with more respect than humans can.” Yes. This week’s episode is all about the Google Assistant. Much like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s AI powered Assistant has quickly become a household name across the U.S and the world. Google Assistant currently resides in more than one billion Android OS powered smartphones globally, and Google is quickly working to position Google Assistant as the go to voice assistant for all things search, and the as almost too human sounding AI that can book you a hair appointment and make a reservation at your favorite Chinese restaurant all without you having to lift a finger. In this episode of The Artificial Podcast Nick dives into the world of Google Assistant to explain how the technology works, where it came from, and the future holds.

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