4: Ming Johanson | Ensuring Accessibility with AI and Voice-First

Episode Description

Ming Johanson focuses on communication and culture within businesses helping them to deconstruct complex technologies and transform organizations for future focus. Ming is a a regular radio and television contributor in Australia on the topics of tech and social media. Ming is also an elected board member for the Australian Computer Society and a champion for diversity and mental health in business, startup, and leadership circles. In this week’s episode, Nick sits down with Ming to discuss the topic of accessibility when it comes to AI and Voice-First, and why keeping these technologies accessible for all will be fundamental to their success. Ming and Nick also touch on AI for social media, it’s impact, and why government’s around the world need to consider treating these social media platforms as another form of regulated media. How To Contact Ming:



Email: snacks@mingjohanson.com.au LinkedIn:


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